Macro Basics

Macro Basics with Christopher Kern


Canon Live learning - April 23, 2019

Macro or close-up photography is one of the more interesting genres in photography. From flowers to water droplets to jewelry, macro photography can be done almost anywhere and the results can be spectacular.

Join us in learning the techniques needed to photograph in this close-up world. We will start with equipment choices for macro photography. This includes not only cameras and lenses, but also accessories that will make your macro shooting much easier.

Camera settings for macro may be a bit different from what you are used to. Should you use AV or TV? Is autofocus the best in macro or should you use manual focus? Which white balance settings should you use?

After you learn the camera techniques, we will discuss how to give your images impact by using compositional guidelines and creative depth-of-field. Controlling the background can have a huge effect on your images. We will discuss how lighting affects macro subjects and when should you use a flash.



Christopher Kern