Photography Major

Photography Major


The Photography Program within the College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design at the California Baptist University in Riverside, California explores the practice and theory of photography through a rich foundational curriculum. Photography students will grow in their technical understanding and methodology of the photographic medium and its digital applications while learning the critical principles of design. Through the introduction of narrative, conceptual development and Christian worldview - students will acquire a unique stylistic aesthetic. Within their concentration, they will construct a professional portfolio that is viable within their genre of photography and representational of their vision.  

Commercial Photography

The Commercial Photography concentration prepares students with the technical skills and creative thought needed to produce professional imagery relevant to their area of focus. Students will develop a portfolio that reflects their personal vision while engaging with best practices in the medium. The concentration will emphasize successful branding and implementing of their photography as a viable business model that is informed by today's changing marketplace. 

Photo & Social Engagement

The Photography & Social Engagement concentration seeks to address social challenges in the world through photographic communication. By making connections between their studio practice as photographers and their academic studies, students will gain a broader understanding of their photographic subjects in a local, national and global context. As socially engaged Christians in an image-driven culture, graduates will be prepared to embark on visual art and design careers within ministry, church and nonprofit sectors as collaborators, storytellers and documentarians behind the camera. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will define a unique stylistic aesthetic while demonstrating elements of visual storytelling through narrative, concept, design, and Christian worldview.
  • Students, through the critique process, will be able to articulate key formal and conceptual issues in photographic work using language specific to their field.
  • Students will be proficient in studio and location lighting, utilizing tools current in the photography industry.
  • Students will demonstrate a professional digital workflow; from capture, to post-production, to digital delivery and print output.
  • Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of business practices and industry standards relevant to their concentration.